First Aid Training

Workplace First Aid

We offer 1 or 2 day teaching options as well as a refresher option.
This course can be taught at your workplace or we can arrange a teaching room.
This course is designed to encompass all the basic first aid skills that are commonly required to help our colleagues at work and our families at home. This course will prepare you to assist those in need until an ambulance arrives.
We can tailor our teaching style to include examples from your workplace to ensure attendees can gain practical knowledge and feel confident in what they have learnt.

Pre Hospital Emergency Care

This course is taught as a 3 or 5 day course.
This is the ultimate in first aid courses and allows students the chance to work with and use higher level equipment including scoop stretchers, oxygen delivery devices, and splints, to name a few. With these advanced skills, the student will learn to administer a high standard of treatment for a range of injuries and illnesses including; head injuries, unconscious patients and spinal injuries. Our course is often tailored to your club, sport or environmental needs. This course includes practical scenarios to help attendees gain important confidence in their new skills. This course is often geared towards people who work in remote or challenging environmments or who have a keen interest in healthcare or first aid.

Other Courses


Paediatrics and first aid skills for children

Emergency Oxygen Delivery and Airway Management

Commercial Workplace


Sports Specific

Customised Scenario Training

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