Event Medical Coverage (first aid to ambulance services)

Cover for your local events medical requirements has become increasingly hard to source, and many clubs are finding the events medical charges difficult to budget into their fees

In New Zealand we are spoiled with remote locations to host our sporting and social events. The Lakes and Bay of Plenty regions are often used by social and sporting groups for their farm, forestry, lakes and beaches.

If you are hosting any of these activities you need to consider the risk of accident or illness that could occur. Every event has different risk levels and it is important to keep in mind that the response from the public ambulance service could be delayed due to being involved in other call outs or travel time to your location.

Lakes Medical Services Trust specialise in motorsport events with a primary focus on Motorcycles. This allows the team to train in area’s that are unique to the sport, including the safety equipment, difficult to reach locations and track safety when assisting a rider that may be injured during a race.

Although we specialise in motorsport we have a wide range of experience in covering other events such as:

  • Concerts.
  • School events.
  • Equestrian.
  • Event Medical Coverage (first aid to ambulance services).
  • Motorcycles specialist track and dirt.
  • Horses jumping and hunts.
  • Soccer / Rugby.
  • Cars track and dirt.
  • Kids events (Weetbix triathlon as example).

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