It is with sadness that as Operations Manager I am writing on behalf of the Lakes Medical Services Trust Trustees to formally advise that LMST will be dissolving as an organisation and Registered Charitable Trust.

The Trust met in June for an urgent meeting to consider its current position after the continual impacts from COVID-19 on events, teaching and transfers over the past years It was agreed that LMST was to cease trading and offering it services from the 4th July 2022.

This decision was not reached easily as all of the Trustees have worked putting in a huge personal effort to maintain the Trust over these past challenging years. With the huge reduction of events after the COVID-19 impacts it has been difficult for the Trust to remain viable as a primary income for myself as Operations Manager and lead ILS Paramedic.

During COVID-19 it has been the Trusts focus and objective to remain viable and the Trust has done everything in its power with the aim of continuing to provide the Trust Objectives and services.

This impact has resulted in myself having to accept employment within a new medical role that offers more financial and work stability.

As a team and Trust we would like to thank you for your ongoing support and opportunities to work together providing teaching, event medical services and transfers. Working alongside clubs and organisations as a team, LMST has been proud of its ability to provide its services to a high standard especially its medical care of those injured or in their time of need.

Glen Downes
Operations Manager / Registered Paramedic.
Lakes Medical Services Trust

Lakes Medical Services Trust

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