Frequently Asked Questions

  • The term Paramedic is not supported by the NZ Standards as a level of care. We offer a range of staff including First Aiders, Advanced First Aiders (PHEC with event experience), BLS (Basic Life Support) and when requested ICP (Intensive Care Paramedics)
  • We are covered by the support of an experienced Doctor who assists us with oversight in our procedures and medical practice. This is also backed by the support of a highly experienced ACP officer with a large motor-sport background. All patient treatments and reports are audited to ensure our standards remain of the highest standard / quality.
  • Our team train together on a regular basis to remain current with procedures and any new equipment. It has also built a great team approach to all our events we cover.
  • As we specialise in motorsport events we often utilise both motorcycles and quads for rapid response allowing us to get to the injured rider with minimal delays.
  • People often raise the concern that private event medics cannot provide cover if a patient needs transporting to hospital. This is not the case. All NZ Medic event cover utilises the publicly funded ambulance service as backup to transfer patients to hospital. This includes the helicopters if they are required. Our region is covered by St John.
  • Always call 111 if it is an emergency or life is at risk.