Lakes Medical Services Trust

Lakes Medical Services Trust is a registered Charitable Trust that was established in 2013, having grown from a small private event-based ambulance service called Lakes Event Medic.

Lakes Medical Services Trust offers a wide range of services including but not limited to:

  • Event medical cover.
  • Training.
  • Private Transfers.

As Registered Charitable Trust (CC49970), Lakes Medical Services is formed based around seven objectives. These objectives define the focus and services that are closely monitored by a dedicated board of Trustees. This ensures transparency of all transactions all growth is objective based.

Charitable Objects

The objects and purpose of The Trust shall be:

  • To provide safe, affordable medical services to clubs, schools, charities and other organisations during their activities with a focus on promoting general safety and well being for all involved.
  • To provide quality, affordable recognised first aid training to clubs, schools, charities and small businesses in an attempt to promote safety in their workplace, homes, organisations and community.
  • To provide training, experience and encouragement to young persons and the community through volunteer based involvement in events, teaching, transfers and other medical service opportunities thus encouraging personal growth, development and self value for all involved.
  • To provide a personalised ambulance based transfer option for those in need, due to disability, illness, or end of life journey. This can be for (but not limited to) appointments, discharges, hospice treatment or transferring a patient closer to home and family.
  • To provide professional medical services to those in need without distinction of race, culture, class or religion making medical services more affordable and accessible for all in their time of need.
  • To provide consumers and the general public with a choice of supplier as outlined in the Health and Disability Act.
  • To provide a service to the community in the event of any disaster or where other services require assistance to respond.