Equipment & Vehicles

  • A fleet of two purpose built ambulances. These are equipped to NZ Ambulance Standards and are fitted with quality STRYKER ambulance stretchers.
  • Can-Am side by side modified to carry a stretcher-bound patient, for quick and safe patient retrieval. It also carries a full set of resusitation equipment and can be used to travel on a track, within crowds and on challenging terrain.
  • Defibtech Defibrillators (AED’s).
  • Two Manual D500 Patient Defibrillator/Monitor. This unit allows for 12 lead ECG cardiac (heart) rhythm, 3 lead ECG, Blood pressure and Oxygen Sats as well as manual defibrilation.
  • Airway management (including OP, nasal and LMA), oxygen delivery and manual & electric suction units.
  • Full spinal immobilisation equipment including scoop stretchers, a full range of spinal collars, head blocks and a KED.
  • Pain relief includes oral medications, Methoxyflurane (Penthrox) and a range of IV medications.
  • Speciality splints for complex injuries, including traction devices and pelvic splints.
  • Radio communications including high grade headsets and hands-freesets.
  • Full-sided gazebo, which can be set up as a triage room to allow for a private and comfortable area to assess patients at large events.
  • ILS Paramedic Kits, kitted to the NZ National Clinical Guidelines Standard, which includes; IV cannulation, fluid resuscitation, ILS medications.