- "I first started working with Glen & LMST when I was Operations Manager at the Rotorua Aquatic Centre. Glen was brought on to up skill the Lifeguard team with advanced first aid practices, which instantly proved extremely popular with the team. The training provided the Lifeguards with incredible knowledge and training. Glen is very professional with a vast knowledge of first aid and a fantastic ability to provide the team with senior based training on a range of different types of emergency’s and events. I have recently returned to the Aquatic Industry and knew what with in the early stages of my time at the Whakatāne Aquatric Centre, I needed to get Glen on board here. Already after only a few sessions the team is buzzing with the knowledge they have already learnt and are sharing it with the rest of their juniors. I look forward to continuing to work with LMST for many more years and know that skills our team will pick up will put them in a good position for the National Lifeguard Competition."

Andrew Smith (Manager Aquatics and Recreation / Whakatane District Council)

- "The Rotorua Stockcar Club has been working with Glen and his team at Lakes Medical Services Trust for two years now. Speedway, like all sports can be dangerous and accidents do occasionally happen. When Glen and his crew have been called upon to deal with an incident, they go to work on another level. They are very professional in gaining a quick and accurate assessment of the injury, whilst at the same time putting patients at ease, especially our Junior 12 to 17 year olds and often whilst dealing with a patient they are also reassuring parents. We have had several emails from parents who have expressed their gratitude for the professional care their child received.
Glen has become valued and an integral part of our Speedway Crash Crew, and has been proactive in helping the Club to better understand what we need to do to make the care of the patients even better."

Sonja Hickey (Rotorua Stockcar Club Inc)

- “I was stationed with Glen at potentially the most dangerous part of the Rotorua Motocross track at the 2009 Senior Motorcross Nationals. During the course of the day he dealt with several serious crashes and was able to provide prompt and efficient service to numerous patients. He was keen to be positioned near the most logical area for potential crashes (which was certainly a vast improvement over the attitude of the main service providers for the event) He is fit and mobile and is able to traverse rough country with his equipment. He remained calm and efficient and was able to liaise comfortably with other providers....”

Ross Campbell (Patron /Life Member Rotorua Motorcycle Club)

- “As well as being a keen rider, Glen offers his skills as a medic and his communications knowledge to make our events safer and manage risk more effectively. His over view of the entire process has resulted in a more professional and enjoyable event for all.....When Glen’s skills have been required, his command of the situation has been excellent. Patients are reassured and expertly assessed. Coordinating help and getting a team around him while ensuring the safety of all concerned is one of Glen’s strengths. He can operate much more effective in events of this type than standard on call medics because of the speed of response and specialist knowledge....”

Paul Burt (Farm / Forest Enduro Rides)