Private Transfers

  • Hospital to hospital (return closer to your home once stabilised if you are being treated out of your own local hospital district).

  • Home to hospital.
  • Rest home to hospital or appointments.
  • Disability transport for stretcher based patients.
  • Transfer in fully equipped ambulance.
  • Specialty transfers on request.

Request Transfer

First Response (PHEC)
Medic Basic
Advanced Medic (IV and drug management)

Patient Special Requirements e.g. patient Nil by mouth, patient poor hearing, patient stroke limited communications, patient palliative care..)

Please note that if Advanced Medic requested rates will
be advised prior to transfer.

Palliative and hospice patients transfer rates are reduced
50% if arranged prior to transfers.

Return travel without patient is charged at $2.50 per km
when LMST has an agreement to be the rest homes
preferred provider.

Note: All rates shown exclude GST.